Service Providers

Homelessness Queensland (HQ) collaborates with the Department of Housing, various industry representatives, and other key stakeholders at both local and national levels. This collaborative effort aims to ensure that all organisations within the housing and homelessness sector, as well as the individuals they serve, are actively included and represented in planning and sector development activities. By working together, HQ and its partners strive to create a comprehensive and inclusive approach to addressing homelessness and improving the overall housing situation in Queensland.

Helping homelessness since 1996

Growth and partnerships

Homelessness QLD works with organisations across Queensland and Australia to support them to respond to Homelessness.

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Training and professional development

Homelessness QLD have opportunities for training and professional development. We work closely with workshop facilitators/partners to develop targeted worshops to all organisations with free or reduced fees for our members.

This includes specialist family violence professionals, integrated service providers, and private, public, and community organisations.

For more information about how HQ can support you or your organisation, please contact: [email protected]

Specialist Homelessness Services Reflective Practice Discussions

The upcoming workshop, to be facilitated by HQ, promises to provide a safe space for participants to engage in reflective discussions with their peers. 

The focus of the first workshop will be on exploring how language can effectively communicate the values of trauma-informed practice by centering the voices and lived experiences of individuals. 

 As preparations are underway to compile a calendar of events, participants are encouraged to stay tuned for updates. Interested individuals are urged to register early and anticipate the opportunity to connect with colleagues at the workshop.



Step One

Send an email to our CEO at ceo@homelessnessqld.au

Step Two

Join a monthly meeting

Step Three

Discuss possible changes