After consultation with the sector our projects were aimed at activites that inact change.

See what Homelessness QLD is doing to reduce homelessness in the community, and how you can be involved.


Community-based multi-disciplinary Model of Service Delivery -Co-Design 

The Community-based multi-disciplinary case management model of service delivery– Specialist Homelessness and the broader Human Services (referred to from here on as the Case Management Model– CMM) will build on this work and further support the SHS to deliver high quality, consistent case management practice across Queensland.


SHS Practice Framework
Queensland – Co-Design 

This framework provides an integrated service delivery
architecture for the QLD SHS Service landscape. This
framework embraces the operational delivery component of service through the practice principles and guidelines whilst practice being supported by the overarching service specifications


SHS Workforce Deep Dive 

The Deep Dive Consultations involved
HQ conducting multi-daylong
observations of the service provision in
SHS across QLD. CHPQ also completed
in-depth, unstructured interviews with staff
within these SHS. A Interagency Reference Committee
commenced in September 2020 
Each Committee involved representatives
of organisations from across QLD.

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