Advocating To End Homelessness

Making a difference by working with homelessness services and individuals

Are you being heard where it counts?

What are you seeing when you provide services to those in need?

What best describes you?

I provide a service to the homeless

QLD Homelessness take your experiences and needs and present them to Government. Our role is to ensure your voice is heard.

I am homeless or at risk and need help

While we do not directly offer services to support you, we can show you who to connect with.

On a mission to end homelessness in Queensland

We work with our partners, individuals, and specialist homelessness services (SHS) across Queensland. Strong and together, we can advocate for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. If you have identified an advocacy need, please reach out to us.

What Services do we work with?

the Human and Community Services

To do this, we work with a variety of communities, networks, service providers, education providers, non-government agencies, and diverse governments and government departments.

help with food

Essential services such as food, shelter and clothing, we aim to work with the services, to advocate for increased funding so services can  provid much needed support  to people who are rough sleeping or just  struggle to make ends meet.

getting back to work

Working with our partners in TAFE and other education providers to design training and resources that support or sector.


Phone NDIS on

1800 800 110 or

chat now

National Contact Centre
Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm (local time).

Sector resources & training

Support and resources for people who work in the housing and homelessness space

If you are a service working with the Homeless in QLD,
NOW is the time to reach out and share your experience
so we can advocate for real change.


Developing a Multidisciplinary Team

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Understanding workforce readiness, and sector capacity opportunities

Identify current challenges to effectiveness and opportunities for improvement.

Explore as collective ideas of how we can teach each other in a way that may help us improve.

Deep Dive
  • Understand the leadership from first-level team leaders/managers, organizational climate, and culture.
  • Leadership and Organisational Culture
  • Driving transformation by embedding sustainable change
  • Ensuring we have the workforce of the future.
Specialist Homeless Services Reflective Practice Discipline

This meeting aims to support practitioners working in the Specialist Homeless Services, and those within the broader human services who interact with the homeless services.  

The Reflective Practice Discussions hopes to build knowledge and practice to enable deep learning within the network, that fosters a culture of joint accountability and a commitment for client outcomes.

Multi- Sector Practice Advisory Group (PAG)

Support the Workforce Strategy’s commitment to deliver an inclusive, flexible, multi-professional workforce able to work across sectors and traditional boundaries.

Assessment Tools

Online and Face to face workshop 

Assessment tools, the evidence underlying the tools, and how they are being, or should be used, applied in the sector.

What questions should be included on an assessment tool designed to understand, prevent or divert?

Projects and Advocacy

Homelessness QLD has worked on projects, that have made a real difference to those in need. We continue to advocate for our members, but most importantly vulnerable people and their families. 

We want to see widespread systemic reform to the current crisis-oriented system which is not working for vulnerable people and their families.

We are dedicated to improving the social outcomes for people, including the prevention and early intervention of homelessness. our advocacy has included:


Increased funding for Specialist Homlessness Services


better pay and conditions


No exits from our institutions settings review


Advocate for permanent supported accommodation


Support for a lived experience workforce

Learn how to get involved

HQ works with its members both government and
non-government to prevent and reduce homelessness across Queensland.

If you are a service currently providing support or a member of the public,
we encourage you to connect with us today.